Where, O Grave, Is Your Victory?

Song by Ben Slee
CCLI Song #7055737

Through all life's sorrows and despairs,
I will not be moved.
When facing death I need not fear,
I have this hope secure:

Because Christ died at Calvary,
sin has on me no claim.
Because He overcame the grave,
with Him I will be raised.

Where, O grave, is your victory?
Where, O death is your sting?
Eternity is won for me
by heav'n's eternal King.

On that glorious final day
I will not sleep or fade,
but gazing on His nail-pierced hands,
I'll instantly be changed.

Robed with immortality,
before His throne we'll sing,
at last reflecting perfectly
the glory of our King.
© Ben Slee 2015.
CCLI Song #7055737