Unending Grace

Song by Tim Chester and Ben Slee
CCLI Song #7191019

Lord, I was dead in sin,
and heading for the grave.
I could not see your love for me,
my faculties enslaved.

But in your boundless grace,
before the world began,
your love ordained to write my name
in your eternal plan.

Unending grace
broke my chains and set me free.
I am yours for all eternity
through your unending grace.

You sent your Son to earth,
a ransom for his bride.
He set me free at Calvary,
for in his death I died.

The Spirit came to me
and opened eyes once blind,
so in your word Christ’s voice I heard,
and learnt to call him mine.

I persevere in hope:
the Spirit leads me home,
the blood of Christ will yet suffice,
and you will keep your own.
© Tim Chester & Ben Slee 2022.
CCLI Song #7191019