How Sure And Steadfast

Song by Ben Slee
CCLI Song #7178335

Teaching the song at the Keswick Convention:

How sure and steadfast through every trial
The ageless Rock of Christ.
Our mighty refuge of endless love
Through every changing tide.

You are faithful, ever sure,
Your endless mercies will endure.
Constant and steadfast, faithful and true
Forevermore we will trust in You.

Verse 2
Jesus our anchor in troubled waves,
Abiding through the storm.
In every season that comes our way
Your hold remains secure,
You will hold us forevermore.

Because of Your great love we are not consumed
we stand in mercies ever new.
Your steadfast love will never end,
Oh how great is Your faithfulness!
© Ben Slee 2021.
CCLI Song #7178335