Day of Judgement

Song by Ben Slee
CCLI Song #7089153

Day of judgement! Day of wonders!
Hear the awe-full sound
Louder than a thousand thunders
Shakes the vast creation round.

Jesus calls: the dead awaken,
Rise from earth and sea.
All the pow'rs of nature, shaken
by his look, prepare to flee.

When all earth and heaven melt away,
Gracious Saviour, own me in that Day.

Every knee shall bow before Him,
Every heart exposed.
All the stains of our rebellion
Clear before His judgement throne.

Under earth and heaven's blackened sky,
Gracious Saviour, You were lifted high.
Bearing all the curse that my sin deserved
As You bled upon that tree;
God the judge hangs cursed for me.

Rise now sinner, come to Jesus
Pardoning grace to know.
Meet Him now as gracious Saviour,
Not just then as Judge alone.
© Ben Slee 2016.
CCLI Song #7089153