See The Bloodstained Wooden Cross

Song by Ben Slee
CCLI Song #7055739

Verse 1
See the bloodstained wooden cross
As the Saviour dies
Before a mocking crowd
He hangs rejected and despised
Purest sinless Lamb of God
Though his fate he knows
For this sinner takes his cross
And to Calvary goes

See the hope the Saviour brings
He who is above all things
All that we should bear you bore
So we might live forevermore

See the maker of this world
Bow his weary head
He the sacrifice for sin
For me tastes bitter death
See the blood fall from his brow
There it covers me
Making me the whitest white
And setting my soul free

It is finished
It is done
Broken Lamb the eternal Son
Risen King You reign on high
We will rise with you
© Ben Slee 2007.
CCLI Song #7055739