Amazing Love (I fall down on my knees)

Song by Colin Webster and Ben Slee
CCLI Song #7141526

Amazing love! How can it be
that you my God would die for me?
That you would leave your throne above,
To bleed for us – amazing love.

No trace of good He found in me
that he should die upon that tree.
His blood was shed by grace alone,
by mercy deep, by love unknown.

I fall down on my knees
At this great Mystery:
That Christ should die for me,
What grace, what hope, what love.

O broken Lamb, what love is this
that held you there in agony:
to pay for my unrighteousness
and bear my sin upon that tree?

What could I offer Him who died
to grant my soul eternal life?
So simply to His cross I cling,
and give my life, my all to Him.

I bow before your cross,
Its pow'r so glorious,
Surrender all, because
You gave your all for me.

© Ben Slee & Colin Webster 2019.
CCLI Song #7141526