Do Not Lose Heart

It's hard to lead while the congregation can't sing. Focus not on the seen, but the unseen, and do not lose heart. // Read more

Gospel-Shaped Services

The shape of your Sunday service is forming the way people in your church relate to God – not just in the moment, but through the week. // Read more

Watts All This About Emotion?

Is it possible that, in our zeal for the truth, we neglect the place of the heart in Christian discipleship? // Read more

Prayer in Song

Praying at key moments during sung worship will heighten our awareness of God's work, help us serve others, and enrich our own experience. // Read more

Engaging with Singing from Behind a Mask

How can I best engage my heart and mind with these songs to build others up and be edified myself? Here are a few suggestions of things we've tried and been encouraged by… // Read more